Over 26% of households...

in New York and New Jersey have at least one member 65 years of age or older. More than ever, life and health insurance are vital for NY/NJ homeowners.

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Does this Certificate Holder need to be named on our policy as an Additional Insured? Remember that by adding an Additional Insured, you are agreeing to share your insurance limits with this person or company should you both be sued. The company has a right to charge an additional premium for adding an additional insured. Please check one:

YES, please add this certificate holder as an Additional Insured for General Liability Insurance

NO, do not add this certificate holder as an Additional Insured.

Certificates will be issued on the day they are received or the next business day. If special attention or information is needed on the Certificate please note accordingly. If questions arise from our agency make certain to leave your contact number where you can be reached—especially if the Certificate is of an urgent nature. Thank you for your assistance.

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Insurance is a heavily regulated industry. Henry O. Baker works diligently to make sure you are getting the best and fairest possible service within the state's guidelines.

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