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Surety Bonds

A bond is not an insurance policy, but proof of the financial and personal means to complete a job or task.

Henry O. Baker’s bond department is here to walk you through the often confusing process of securing these bonds. Contact us today for more information regarding Henry O. Baker’s bonding services.

Our bonding services include (but are not limited to):

Contract Bonds:

  • Bid bonds: Guarantee to the owner that you can do the job for your bid amount. A performance bond will be provided to back your work.
  • Performance & Payment bonds: Guarantee the fulfillment of a particular contract.
  • Maintenance bonds: Provide the guarantee on a completed construction project that the contractor will correct problems that occur or that the owner is compensated for the claim.  

Commercial Bonds:

  • Court bonds: Fiduciary/probate bonds for executors, trustees, administrators, and guardians as well as plaintiff and defendant court bonds.
  • License & Permit bonds: Bonds mandated by statute, including contractor licenses, reclamation, customs road use, and tax bonds.
  • Miscellaneous bonds: Import and Export, ERISA, Fidelity, and Public Official.
  • Municipal bonds: Securities issued by or on behalf of a local authority.  

Henry O. Baker represents carriers that handle a wide range of contractors both big and small. So there is no need to worry—we will professionally represent you.

Surety Carriers: Small & Newly Formed Contractors:

  • Liberty QuickAccess: Offers $350,000 per job and aggregate. $750,000 aggregate requires an internal business and a personal financial statement.
  • CNA Surety: Offers $250,000 per job and aggregate. Programs between $250,000 per job and $500,000 aggregate require a corporate tax return, an internal business and a personal financial statement.
  • Travelers: Offers $500,000 per job and aggregate and requires a corporate tax return and a personal financial statement.

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