Our Customers

We make customer service our number one priority, but don’t take our word for it, look at what our clients have to say about us.


You made getting coverage easy!

Customer since 2014

When I needed assistance in filing a claim against another driver, you were on top of it right away in contacting the other driver's insurance company which aided in getting the damage to my car repaired right away. Thank you!

Customer since 2014

I have been I customer for years and have always had reliable and courteous service.

Customer since 2001

Henry O. Baker provides prompt service. As a small business, we rely on Henry O. Baker to answer questions regarding contractual requests for insurance documentation. We feel as though they are a helpful partner in our business endeavors.

Dr. Roberts, Interactive Health LLC, customer since 2011

Very professional and helpful. They can handle any problem.

Customer since 2000

Very attentive. I like the personal touch, and it makes me feel good to know that you understand my personal needs and continually look out for my best interest. The relationship is great.

Customer since 2013

Luz is very helpful when it comes to all my insurance questions!

Erik Dougherty, customer since 2000

Long standing relationship. Quick response to questions or request. Made calls to Twp Attorney on our behalf to resolve questions on policies.

Customer since 1988

We have been clients of Henry O. Baker for several decades. The service that we receive is always professional and the team that HOB employees are always right on point. When we have an issue or a question we usually get an answer back in a reasonable amount of time. HOB is always there to guide our company in the right direction!

Paul Bodnar, customer since 2005

Very responsive to my needs on a very tight deadline. Diligent in keeping me up to date with the progress of my application throughout the process and in regards to any additional information needed. The final Policy quote was very competitive.

Customer since 2016

I had shopped car insurance with many companies and felt I was upfront where I needed to be regarding cost. I was a relocating from another state. Henry O. Baker was able to provide me with insurance with the proper coverage within my budget.

Lisa Ratajczak, customer since 2016

Very responsive to any questions asked. Have only been using you folks for a short time now but believe we will be using you for more of our insurance needs in the future

Customer since 2016

Great staff that offers exceptional service!

Mr. Parrasch, customer since 2008

Excellent professional service. I have always been able to contact my agent, and they have always been very responsive to both policy changes and claim issues.

Charles Calabrese, customer since 1994

Paul Yarosz and Francesca have been very responsive to any request or question that I have. They have been great to work with. Paul consulted with me to optimize my coverage, discovered and corrected redundancies in my policies and reduced my rate significantly. It has been a great experience for my so far.

Ray McGrath, McGrath Municipal Equipment LLC, customer since 2016

Exceptional customer service.

Brett, Brewzinga Corp., customer since 2016

Great quotes, personalized service. Here is a great example: On the day I was applying for a new homeowners policy, I had recently broken my ankle. I was outside the office that day wheeling by on my knee scooter (a cool piece of durable medical equipment for being more mobile with knee and leg casts), and Bill Shuler saw me. He went in to get Lori Ballester, and the two of them stood on the sidewalk with me, taking down my information for the application. I told Bill it would have made a great PR moment. He agreed, saying, "we bring the agency to you!" Really neighborhood friendly. You can't find that kind of service most places anymore.

Alison Burian, customer since 2016

Great service meet my needs exactly.

Customer since 2016

Always excellent service!

Andrew Whitehead, customer since 2010

It is a trusted organization and very helpful people, thanks for everything

Roger, Horizon Painting Contractors, customer since 2016

Customer care outstanding, and good savings

Ian & Elizabeth Kunesch, customer since 2016

Corey was the best!

Judi Penn, Macray Company Inc., customer since 2016

Your quick response is very important to me. Thanks!

Ralph, Preferred Sales, and Service, customer since 2016

LORI BALLESTER IS SUPERB WITH FOLLOWING THROUGH with requested information and completion with the client.

Jacqueline Brown, customer since 2016

Vincenza has been wonderful and very professional! She truly addressed our needs and had helped us through a very difficult time.

Dr. Frisoli, customer since 2016

Great follow thru and very thorough!

Customer since 2016

Our rep Lori was extremely helpful and always available for questions. A pleasure to work with.

Paul Ferrone, customer since 2016

Corey was very accommodating and was able to give me a good selection to choose from good representation.

Gerry, GFC Paving & Masonry LLC, customer since 2015

The very personalized service that we receive year in and year out! You guys rock!

Customer since 2005

Plain and simple, no long explanation needed, Bill is a seasoned Pro!

David, DataTrend Corp., customer since 2015

Always responsive and helpful

Susan Elias, customer since 1997

Hi, Jenn! Your service reps are the best. I am very well taken care of when I need help.

Deborah Robinson, customer since 2013

Service is always good. Very nice customer service, Henry O. Baker take care everything for me! Thanks. Happy Holidays!

Maria Rosario, customer since 2007

Responsiveness was amazing from Vincenza. She was professional and insightful. Thanks so much for making this so easy!

Nathan Jones, customer since 2015

Staci is very supportive of our account and always gets back right away with answers.

Ray, CP Engineers LLC, customer since 2012

Working with the Vincenza was a pleasure. Her knowledge, professionalism and immediate attention to my needs was first-rate.

Customer since 2015

As you are aware, I have known HO Baker for years, and JP used to work for my husband at Traber Vreeland. Fran called us in response to entrance into public bidding. We were able to set up a bonding line with her that met our needs as our current agent could not. She then asked for the opportunity to bid on our GL/Auto. HO Baker came back with a very competitive bid and we were able to transfer this line to you on renewal. We are certain that you will be able to provide us with the service we need and we like the fact that you are coordinating both the bond line and GL to give us the best possible service.

Jeri Minter, customer since 2015

I have several insurance policies with coverage with your company, and your staff is always attentive and helpful. Dave in the commercial lines is amazing. Always on top of things. Thank you (Crossed Keys Inn; Celso’s Caterers)

Katherine Rodriguez, customer since 2012

Extremely prompt and very friendly service; as well as very fair rates.

Christopher Dripchak, customer since 2015

You're quick, extremely helpful and efficient, find the best products and always call back - on time. In short: you simply deliver! Thanks!!!

Albert & Mariette Boerstoel, customer since 2012

Bill is a great resource

John Tully, customer since 2015

Excellent Customer Service!

Debbie Fagan, customer since 2013

Just came across this and not sure if I ever answered. Dave Sgalia has changed the way I think about insurance agents. If I could put every insurance policy I have for business, personal & family in his hands I would. I wish I could. By far the best service I have ever experienced. Always takes care of my needs right away.

Paul, Avatar Productions, customer since 1993

Prices are competitive, and service is very good.

Customer since 2003

Friendly, individualized and personal service

Customer since 2012

Very personal service. When you call someone actually answers the phone. It was Vincenza who helped me with my homeowner's insurance, and she is an absolute pleasure to work with.

Customer since 2015

Always very helpful and able to solve any problems for us.

Customer since 2002

Continued responsiveness and the "go the extra mile" attitude I always experience with Henry O. Baker!

Customer since 2011

You saved me money

Margie Tkaczyszyn, customer since 2015

I have felt, since changing insurance companies, that Lori Ballester has given me very personalized customer service. THANKS!

Customer since 2012

You are always looking out for our best interests. You find us better rates without me even asking you to. You are always there to answer questions quickly, and customer service is great! Keep up the good work.

Monika & Bruce Courtney, customer since 2007


I have trusted Henry O Baker for many years! My family trusts your family. Thank you!

Customer since 1995

Always prompt and courteous service. Seems like good pricing on policies.

Timothy Vrabel, customer since 2000

Great customer service. Agents advise the client on coverage that benefits them.

Customer since 2013

Annemarie has been very helpful to me, during my many years with Henry O. She is a valuable asset in today's world of customer service. Thank you

Customer since 2003

Diligent, timely, and most importantly, personable service!

Laurie Sisto, customer since 2012

Lacey Farrell is always on top of her game. So is the person covering for her while she is on Maternity leave. Luz handles my personal auto and renters insurance. She like Lacey gets back immediately with information for you. Always pleasant and professional.

Customer since 2008

Every single time I have a question or need help I never have to wait to hear back. Consistent excellent customer service, and a genuine desire to get me the best product!

Cheryl Acevedo, customer since 2012

Great company and staff!

Customer since 2011

Henry O. Baker has been our insurance agent for over 25 years. I think that speaks for itself. Thank you!

Customer since 2003

For over 35 years, Henry O Baker was there for my family and me when we need them.

Joseph & Olivia Nametko, customer since 1998

The associate that we have worked with, Luz Pinto, has always been courteous & most helpful even when we've seemed as though we don't have a clue what we're talking about. We have had our auto insurance through Baker for many years & switched our home insurance because of Luz's cooperation & assistance.

Customer since 2006

The Henry O. Baker office. Is one where. I feel very well received, well taken care of and the people are always courteous. I feel confident with the people there - my questions/ concerns have always been taken care of in a professional way.

Julie Sauder, customer since 2004

Your agents have been very helpful and knowledgeable. They do what we need them to do.

Customer since 2000

My agent Luz made a great suggestion about combining Home and Auto and saved me a lot of money. I really appreciate that.

Cheryl Fleishman, customer since 1998

My agent Mary Ellen Mercadante gives excellent service. She met me close to my home to sign papers, so I did not have to travel far with my frail husband. You cannot ask for any better service. I trust her. Suzanne Herrmann

Suzanne Herrmann, customer since 2014

What makes Henry O.Baker different is Leo Miller!!! We know Leo for years, and his work ethic should be the role model for every employee...he listens and tries to make sure his clients are getting the best service possible...he is the reason I am with Henry O Baker for all these years.

Talin & Istepan Toroslar, customer since 2007

We are part of the Precision Financial Services team and have had nothing but excellent results and glowing reports from all our referrals to you. Thank you for your professional and prompt responses to our clients. - Bruce Jones

Bruce Jones, customer since 2015

Pleasant, friendly, efficient staff. Work to keep rates competitive and discuss options to improve insurance.

Kevin Klinger, customer since 2001

We enjoy Millie's newsletter and appreciate the early notice when premiums are due.

Joan Redmer, customer since 2013

Always helpful with whatever question or issue that may come up.

Customer since 2008

Customer service. Quick response to issues. Great representatives like JP, Regina, and Staci who made our transition into the ACA a seamless and painless process. I also want to thank the lady (I apologize I forgot her name) that JP had handled my personal auto insurance needs. You have a great group of people representing Henry O Baker.

John Munro, customer since 2015


Customer since 1993

You do a very good job of communication via email with events or changes that occur. Thanks for the service, Anthony.

Customer since 1997

You always answer my questions promptly. If additional materials need to be sent to a third party, you do it promptly and add an explanation if it is necessary. When an accident is involved, you make sure all the steps are explained and followed -- ASAP.

Customer since 2002

Always friendly and willing to help

Donald & Nora Miller, customer since 2000

Very responsive to all inquiries & requests.

Megan & Mitchell Goldstein, customer since 2011

Your customer service and quick response is greatly appreciated

Dominick Mazzone, Sr., customer since 2014

Always find answers to our questions and concerns.

Customer since 2013

Lori Ballester is the best agent Grace "Ann" and I have had the pleasure of doing business with. That says it all, and we would recommend her services to anyone who asks.

Frank Labianca, customer since 2010

We are very satisfied having Henry O. Baker as our broker/provider. The staff is professional and always responsive. I will always try and encourage others to contact you for their insurance needs.

Peter & Laura Lee, customer since 2013

Lori and HO Baker have always been very responsive to my family’s insurance needs. My parents were customers probably beginning in the late 40's or early 50's.

Paul Lewthwaite, customer since 2006

I have been a customer for over fifty years. I was a friend H. O Baker the service was good and still seems to be.

Customer since 1998

I like the easy way to ask for certificate insurance on the web, and next day is sent to my request people and a copy to me!!! Fast, easy, convenient

Brigitte, BH Drywall LLC, customer since 2013

Henry O. Baker has been our agent for most of my 57 years of marriage with homeowners insurance and other coverage. Their service is always prompt and efficient. I like the friendliness of the people who help me. We have even had small businesses over the years; each situation carefully covered. Jo Ann Gardner Mt. Arlington

David & Joann Gardner, customer since 2002

You are very responsive, and Leo is a great guy.

Jesse Pike, customer since 2009

Friendly, responsive, and prompt customer service.

Jean Paul Gabella, customer since 2015

Great customer service, affordable price

Customer since 2014

When Sandy hit, we had an insurance representative here in 2 weeks, had an estimate and check within a month. The fast response and action of the company. We're greatly appreciated.

Customer since 2000

Jennifer Matos was extremely helpful in her follow-up with an FMI adjuster that is not going to win Mr. Congeniality!! Your intervention was also appreciated.

Nancy Pugliese, customer since 2007

Great service. When we need something, you are always there. You continue to find us the best deals in the industry for our insurance needs.

Joe Farina, customer since 2010

Whenever I have questions or need assistance with certificates of insurance, Mr. Bill Shuler and the staff at Henry O. Baker Insurance Group have been very friendly and helpful. I appreciate their courtesy and prompt attention to customers.

Customer since 1988

Lori has always been wonderful in accommodating my insurance needs with exceeding my expectations!

Customer since 2002

Every time I need information or help, I'm greeted with a friendly voice who knows how to fix my needs

Customer since 2002

Corey is quick to respond, attentive, and knows what he is speaking about.

Drew Chernack, customer since 2015

Love being able to talk to someone first before we call the insurance company!

Don Fritch, customer since 1998

Friendly service and rates are good. Thanks

Customer since 2001

The customer service is always great and very helpful all inquiries or issues are always Resolved as soon as possible, and we are always explained of any changes and details on our policy

Enrique, Jasso’s Painting LLC, customer since 2012

Very helpful, accommodating and fast!

Kris, Elite Staging & Redesign LLC, customer since 2014

Henry O Baker Group knows the value of its customers. That's what makes it a company you want to deal with.

Customer since 2012

We are very happy with Henry O. Baker, and we will continue to do business with them.

Hugo, Mena’s Landscaping & Maintenance Inc., customer since 2006

Your agents and staff are fantastic... Price is only so important if you are not getting what you need for your company.

Customer since 2015

I choose you as my Insurance Company because you make me feel safe in all that I do. You explain until I understand, and that is what I need. You are the best!!

Kevin, Clover Contractors, customer since 2012

Bill Shuler has always been prompt to address any needs or questions that may have come up from time to time. He is polite, professional and caring. Overall your company is worthy of kudos for a job well-done. Dominick M

Customer since 1998

Bill Shuler contacted me immediately and worked to get me an insurance policy that met my requirements with a minimum of hassle. I feel very secure with Bill's careful review of my requirements.

Lee DeCarolis, customer since 2015

Always looking to get us the best for our money and if there are any issues, they are taking care of immediately. We never had any attitudes everyone is always willing to help.

Cheryl Bamper, customer since 2003

It is always great to know the face of the agent who will help us with any of our insurance questions or concerns.

Robert & Laura Mains, customer since 1988

Your office has always handled my insurance needs in a professional and speedy manor.

George Szatkowski, customer since 2002

Great team.....just what I need on my side!

Louis & Theresa Latilla, customer since 2013

It is great, friendly, and helping us for our NWJAD's non-profit organization's insurance policy. Thanks, Joey

Joey Garth, customer since 2012

My rep is the best!!!

Customer since 2005

My late parents were customers with Henry O. Baker, and when I got my first car, they said to stay with this company, and so I did for Insurance and stayed ever since. The reason I stayed was the wonderful treatment and the family atmosphere of the business. Please do not change your philosophy. In this day and age, it still is very effective.

William McNeir, customer since 2004

Professional, Knowledgeable and Responsive

Mike Wetzel, customer since 1994

Personable service that is offered in a professional, warm, and timely manner.

Maura Kelly, customer since 2014

You have always provided excellent service through the 30+ years I have been a customer.

Lynn Guillorn, customer since 1993

Angelo and the team are very responsive and helpful when dealing with the numerous construction insurance scenarios we run across. We are never oversold on insurance, and whenever carrier interaction is needed we are always supported.

Alex, Industrial Consulting and Marketing Inc., customer since 2003

Very responsive. Pricing competitive.

Customer since 2010

As a small business, insurance can be an overwhelming issue. Angelo Sansano and Henry O. Baker have been a great help for over 15 years. I trust them and always feel that they are on the job and working in my best interest. Thank you for all of your help.

Bill Greulich, Accurate Fabricators LLC, customer since 2009

So efficient! Our certificates of insurance are always done promptly. Emails are always answered quickly. Love Millie's newsletter too.

Sharon, Cranberry Sheet Metal Fabricators Inc., customer since 2004

You hired the most knowledgeable, patient, unflappable, "think outside the box" customer service representatives who are usually prepared to offer a solution to any insurance need! "

Maureen, 215 Main Street LLC, customer since 2004

Always available! Good advice! Provided multiple options! Great service!

Robert Quinn, customer since 2012

You investigated different options with different companies and gave me good selections

Dany, Franklin Holdings LLC, customer since 2005

Looked for the best value for my circumstances.

Customer since 2012

Lori Ballister has known me & my family for years. As much at times I may question our policies, Lori ALWAYS answers all of my inquiries within hours. She listens & I know whenever I need my insurance changed, she knows what is best & always does everything efficiently and in a timely manner... Thank you, Lori, for all you do!!!!

Karina & Chad Sente, customer since 2011

I always receive prompt and courteous service.

Customer since 2004

You just are always on top of things when it comes to just about any situation that arises. And I always feel like a valued customer as a result.

Wayne Lambert, customer since 2002

In this time when 'customer service' is a lost art, it is a comfort to be able to speak to real people who are professional and patient.

Judy McBride, customer since 2007

Very responsive, shop around for better insurance for me. Always return my calls.

Rebecca Paulson, customer since 2003


Customer since 2004

You took the time to answer my worker's compensation questions.

Tom, Thomas W. Fish Landscape, customer since 2015

Get back to me promptly. Don't have to listen to the impersonal menu (big plus). Has the feel of a "mom and pop” business."

Michael, Outdoor Solutions LLC, customer since 2011

Great and attentive service.

vMarco, Café NaVona, customer since 2014

You do everything right!!! There's your new slogan, "We do it right."

Rob, ABC Service Company, customer since 2011

Mary Vogrin provides great personal service to our group. Everyone is very friendly, efficient and easy to talk with.

Customer since 2010

Service is #1!

Customer since 2011

You take care of requests with efficiency and are friendly in correspondence. The cost is affordable.

Customer since 2004

Love working with a local firm whose beginnings go back generations. Personal service is exceptional. Always love to deal with the same people year after year.

Richard, Sack’s Paint & Wallpaper Inc., customer since 2013

Hi! I am very happy with the service we receive from Henry O Baker. I couldn't ask for a better agent! Keep up the great customer service!

Isela Chevez, customer since 2006

Your agency found the correct insurance products for me without making the process difficult.

Kevin Cohen, customer since 2015

My agent is Bill Shuler. I meet Bill thru the Morris County 4-H back when I was President of the 4-H Association. Because of the professional manner in which Bill explained the 4-H insurance coverage, I decided to switch my business insurance needs over to Henry O. Baker.

Carl Holzwarth, customer since 2006

All questions are answered in a timely fashion. Your team is very pleasant people to work with.

Customer since 2014

Responsive to our needs and always looking at our coverage for the necessary changes.

Frank Padula, customer since 2013

I had an issue with one of your carriers, "agents" that we have our E&O with. I called Mr. Brady who had Valerie contact me with information that would enable me to move from one carrier to another within Henry O. Baker Insurance. No wait, or wondering. Just got it done.

Jack Francis, customer since 2015

It is always a pleasure to work with Staci Grant. She is very knowledgeable, extremely helpful and genuinely cares about her clients!

Monica, Rider Insurance, customer since 2008

We have enjoyed a great working relationship with Dave Sgalia and H.O. Baker Insurance Group for many years. We appreciate the responsiveness we receive when an issue arises that needs to be addressed.

Customer since 1985

Prompt responses, great follow up, see it to the end and always there when you need help

Phil, Movers Professional Group Inc., customer since 2002

We receive very detailed/efficient service from Dave Sgalia. He has always been attentive to the District needs and budget.

Catherine Jenisch, customer since 1985

You guys are all great, very attentive and efficient. Thank you

Roger Teixeira, customer since 2008

... you have been a tremendous help to me in getting me the best coverage for the lowest premiums, and I appreciate that ... also, the two times I've had to use the insurance in the past five years there have been no problems at all and everything was done in a very timely fashion ...

Customer since 1999

Our contact always returns our call ASAP and furnishes the information requested. This is most important to me, and I consider timeliness to be a great company asset.

Betty Spilman, customer since 1994

Overall good service. Very responsive to our requests for coverage and documentation. Fortunately, we have only had a couple of claims, but they were handled very well. Mary Shaw Corporate Secretary

Mary, King Marketing Inc., customer since 2001

The staff at Henry O. Baker are extremely knowledgeable and consistently provide excellent customer service.

Kathy, Radiology Assoc. of Ridgewood, customer since 2010

HO Baker is very responsive to requests.

Customer since 2003

All of you at HOB are pleasant, knowledgeable and great to work with. Thank you.

Customer since 2001

There's always a timely answer to my questions, and I can rest assured that the business liability and workers compensation needs are addressed.

Customer since 2004

I get great support before committing to coverage but, more importantly, when the coverage is already in place.

Mike, Craftmaster Realty LLC, customer since 2002

I have been working with Leo Miller for many years. Leo has always been extremely attentive to my needs. He has always gone above and beyond to help me with my concerns. I have learned a lot about insurance through my years of working with Leo.

Warren Zysman, customer since 2005

Knowledgeable staff. Great communications

Customer since 2001

always provide professional service with a quick turnaround

Eddie, North Jersey Rebar LLC, customer since 2011

You are always there when I need anything!

Ed, JJ’s Pub & Grill, customer since 2001

The president of the company is wonderful - she is always very responsive and cares about the customer!

Katharine Gebhardt, customer since 1995

I have worked with Lori and Fran who are terrific! They provide a personal approach and answer every question I may have with superior knowledge and in an easy to understand manner.

Customer since 2014

Quick responsive and always helpful.

Joseph, Midway Glass & Metal, customer since 2001

I would recommend because of the high level of service we always receive. Leo Miller and the rest of the team is always right there with answers, and they jump right in when we have any problems or concerns. I find their level of customer service to be exceptional.

Lorrie, New Jersey Decorating Exchange, customer since 2010

Excellent customer service. Always a pleasure to interact with a staff that is highly responsive to fulfilling the needs of its customers on a timely and effective basis.

Ralph Vecchio, customer since 1994

Easy to contact when I need assistance & quick to reply. Patient with me not understanding all correct terminology when it comes to insurance; they are happy to explain. Insurance COI are issued promptly, making our business run smoothly.

Brenda, L&W Audio Video Inc., customer since 2008

I have always recommended Henry O. Baker to friends of mine. I love the personal attention that I have gotten at your office thru the years. When I call, I always get a call back if my call goes to voice mail. I just have never had a problem at your office especially with the people in your office always willing to explain what could be best for me. I also love the one to one old school attention.

Diana Ugalde, customer since 1992

David Sgalia and Anne Marie are always there to help with any questions or problems.

Robert Schwarz, customer since 1995

I've been a customer of yours for 40 years now. I insured my very first car and everyone since with HO Baker. My two daughters are customers as well. Your agents have always been helpful and available when we needed them.

Joseph Newman, customer since 1995

Great customer service, knowledgeable agents.

Linda, James Spence Authentication, customer since 2014

The service with Fran has been wonderful! She responds quickly to our requests and is just a great person.

Luisa Fonseca, customer since 2014

Just keep doing what you're doing, great job.

Robert Bednarick, customer since 1993

Leo Miller is always available for my questions. He goes above & beyond!

John & Nancy Guy, customer since 2001

Excellent customer service by Luz, who always responds to my inquiries in a very timely and professional manner.

Customer since 1996

When we had to make a claim, you were very prompt, and Jennifer was very prompt.

Arlene Velez, Greater Living Foods LLC, customer since 2010

I am always greeted nicely on the phone by the receptionist, and I never have a problem with my insurance person, Lori Ballester. She is always there to help. smiley

Customer since 1992

Diamond has been a customer of HOB for many years, and we have had excellent service for each and every year. You are one of my most favorite companies to work with, and I hope we will have many more years together in the future. Thank you for being there for us.

John, Diamond Construction, customer since 2004

The personal service is wonderful.

Customer since 2008

Quick responses, employees are very knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Thank you very much for your service!

EDM USA, Inc., Customer since 2014

Everyone at your company is always available to answer questions and willing to play middleman with the insurance company if necessary. Dealing with insurance companies whether general liability carrier or health carrier is difficult and frustrating for the average person, so your staff is doing that is a tremendous help.

Tracy, Majestic Lock Company Inc., customer since 2014

Vincenza always gives me immediate and personal attention

Dr. Denis O’Shaughnessy, customer since 2007

Johnny is great!

Customer since 2003

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