Henry O. Baker welcomes Franchino Insurance Customers!

We look forward to continuing to serve you and welcome you to the Henry O. Baker family.

Henry O. Baker Acquires Franchino Insurance

About Henry O. Baker

Since 1923 Henry O. Baker Insurance Group has been offering our clients the best insurance protection with unparalleled support. We pride ourselves on being a mid-sized firm with a family focus and only work with the best insurance carriers. Our goal is to guide our clients to top-notch insurance packages that you can trust to protect your family, business, and assets.

We know that change can bring a host of concerns and questions. Please rest assured that we are working with Mr. Franchino and his staff to ensure a seamless transition. The following Frequently Asked Questions will put your mind at ease and explain how we will incorporate Franchino Insurance customers into the Henry O. Baker family moving forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Henry O. Baker acquiring Franchino Insurance?

After 42 years of service to his clients in leading Franchino Insurance, Mr. James Franchino has decided to retire. He will continue to consult with Henry O. Baker for a time to ensure a seamless transition of insurance policies and coverage support.

When is this acquisition taking place?

The acquisition took place in September 2020 and Henry O. Baker began providing services to Franchino Insurance clients at that time.

Where will the offices be located?

Henry O. Baker's offices are located at 7 South Warren Street in Dover, New Jersey, and can be reached at (973) 366-0500. Currently, the Henry O. Baker office is observing COVID-19 protocols. Please call with any questions or concerns.

Will I have the same broker for my insurance policies?

After the transition, Henry O. Baker will be your official insurance broker and will be responsible for supporting your insurance needs. Henry O. Baker has acquired all of Franchino's employees to ensure you will continue to be supported by your current representative.   

Will my coverage change?

Henry O. Baker represents the same insurance carriers as Franchino Insurance, therefore policies will smoothly transition to Henry O. Baker Insurance. Mr. Franchino will consult with Henry O. Baker to ensure your needs and policy history are understood, and that the same level of support will be provided.

What is the benefit of this merger?

Henry O. Baker offers a wide range of insurance solutions, including personal, professional, and commercial lines, that could enhance or consolidate your coverage. Please call (973) 366-0500 to learn more about the new solutions we can offer customers of Franchino Insurance.

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