78% of emplpoyees...

surveyed stated that the benefits package an employer offers is very important in their decision to accept or reject a job.

— Employee Benefit Research Institute


Health insurance in one of the most valuable, and valued, benefits you can offer to your employees.

Health insurance is the only financial protection your employees will have against health issues/conditions. Whether you are a local small employer of 6 employees who wishes to offer your employees a fully insured medical plan or a multi-state large employer looking to self insure , our seasoned and knowledgeable team can help you develop a plan that is right for you and your employees.

We have a broad range of experience in working with clients of many sizes and many different objectives. We work with a number of health-insurance carriers and third-party administrators, covering products such as Health Maintence Organizations (HMO’s) to Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO’s). Including increasingly offered strategies such as Health Savings Accounts and Healht Reimbursement Arrangements.

Click here to see a list of carriers we represent and to be connected to their websites for plan and network information.

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