The very first...

auto insurance policy on record was written in the United Kingdom way back in 1895! Can you imagine that?

— Insurance Files

Staff Directory

Below is a list of notable Henry O. Baker staff members, their telephone extensions and email addresses. To contact your desired party by phone, please dial (973) 366-0500 and, when prompted, enter their extension number. If the person you are seeking does not appear on this list, please call us and we’ll gladly connect you.

Executive Management Team

Jennifer Nicholas, President250 - Jennifern@henryobaker.com

John Perry244 - Johnp@henryobaker.com

Angelo Sansano241 - Angelos@henryobaker.com

Leo Miller242 - Leom@henryobaker.com

Personal Insurance

New Business

Vincenza Lazzaro238 - Vincenzal@henryobaker.com

Lori Ballester245 - Lballester@henryobaker.com

Gary James293 - Garyj@henryobaker.com

Customer Service (service by the letter of the alphabet)

Maryellen Mercadante256 - Maryellenm@henryobaker.com

Luz Pinto271 - Luzp@henryobaker.com

Lori Ballester245 - Lballester@henryobaker.com

Elizabeth Correa255 - Elizabethc@henryobaker.com

Anne Marie Beauzil266 - Annemarieb@henryobaker.com

Business Insurance

Sales Team

John Perry244 - Johnp@henryobaker.com

Angelo Sansano241 - Angelos@henryobaker.com

Leo Miller242 - Leom@henryobaker.com

Bill Shuler240 - Bshuler@henryobaker.com

Michael Deo295 - Michaeld@henryobaker.com

Corey McCormack290 - Coreym@henryobaker.com

Mary Henderson231 - Maryh@henryobaker.com

Customer Service

Regina Costa-Smith248 - Reginac@henryobaker.com

Vincent Alfisi233 - Vincenta@henryobaker.com

Lacey Farrell237 - Laceyf@henryobaker.com

Jennifer Mannherz251 - Jmannherz@henryobaker.com

Valerie Rivera234 - Valerier@henryobaker.com

Carol Wilfong253 - Carolw@henryobaker.com

Gina Molinaro246 - Ginam@henryobaker.com

Dana Jensen247 - Danaj@henryobaker.com

Business Insurance Marketing

Sheri London298 - Sheril@henryobaker.com

Claims – Personal and Business

Jennifer Masullo Matos263 - Jenniferm@henryobaker.com

Benefits Department

Staci R. Grant276 - Stacig@henryobaker.com

Elizabeth Vastola239 - Elizabethv@henryobaker.com

Diana Falzone270 - Dianaf@henryobaker.com

Bond Department

Francesca McAllan268 - Francescam@henryobaker.com


Charlotte Wendland249 - Charlottew@henryobaker.com

Director of Marketing

John Sisto275 - Johns@henryobaker.com


Dawne Wickkiser232 - Dawnew@henryobaker.com

Maria Karol254 - Mariak@henryobaker.com

Nancy Nicholls235 - Nancyn@henryobaker.com

Sarah Fitch271 - Sarahf@henryobaker.com


Sue Tierney230 - Suet@henryobaker.com

Office Assistant

Denise Stierch269 - Denises@henryobaker.com

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