Hurricane Sandy...

caused an estimated $50 billion in total damage, with much of it centralized in New Jersey and New York. Will you be properly covered if another flood-related catastrophe occurs?

— National Hurricane Center


Sadly, our area has seen its share of devastating floods and the havoc they leave in their wake.

Through these trying events, Henry O. Baker has gained the experience and knowledge to care for your business should the waters rise again. We pride ourselves on staying current with federal regulations, ensuring our ability to provide the very best comprehensive flood coverage to all our business clients. Talk to our experts today for up-to-date coverage options.


Property to Insure

The property you choose to insure is entirely up to what is of value to you. At the bare minimum, you should have insurance that covers your home, place of business, furniture, automobiles (personal and work), appliances, and any inventory your business has.

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